I’m nervous

Relax, you’re in safe hands.

Of course we understand that a visit to the dentist or hygienist can be daunting, even if you do appreciate the benefits of having your mouth well cared for. A few of our own team even fall into this group, but we can’t tell you who! What we can tell you is that we are all committed to making you as comfortable as possible. Here’s how we do that.

Taking some time to talk

We have found that the majority of our nervous patients just need a little time to discuss their concerns and previous experiences. Treatment is always gently carried out in a kind and considerate manner, ensuring that each stage is carefully explained and any particular concerns are addressed. We’ll never rush you.


For those who need a little more help, we can prescribe a sedative to create a state of drowsiness and wellbeing. We’ve seen countless people over the years, who were initially very anxious, start to really relax about their dentist appointments with this method.

Our position on I.V. sedation

IV sedation was very fashionable in the 80s and we have performed hundreds of IV cases ourselves. However, more recently, we have come to conclusion that in 99.9% of cases, if treatment is handled very gently and kindly, IV sedation is unnecessary.

If you’re nervous about getting treatment, let us put your mind at rest. Call us on 01273 731575 or 01273 734927


Having always previously been fearful of dentists, I have always had gentle and completely ‘unscary’ experiences at Church Road Dental Practice.
Richard Skerritt, Skerritt Consultants Ltd, 12 Church Rd, Hove.

Because I don’t like pain, the kindness and care at Church Road Dental Practice was excellent! My faith is restored at last!!
Paul Canham, 48 Church Road, Hove.