Ceramic bridges & crowns

Ceramic bridges and crowns that match your teeth



Crowns are like tooth-shaped caps that sit over a broken down tooth to restore it. Bridges replace missing teeth and consist of two crowns with one, or more artificial teeth between them. The crowns of a bridge anchor onto the teeth surrounding the gap. Whereas traditional crowns are made of gold, the new ceramic crowns and bridges can perfectly match your other teeth.


Many people unnecessarily live with crowns that don’t match the rest of their teeth, or that have dark edges showing. Modern ceramic technology gives results that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, resulting in a totally restored, natural smile.


Placing crowns or bridges usually takes two visits to the dentist. First, we shape any teeth that will bear a crown for this purpose under a local anaesthetic, before taking a mould of your teeth. Using the mould, we then custom make your new ceramic crowns or bridges and in the meantime give you temporary crowns or bridges. At your next visit, we remove the temporary crowns or bridges and put your new ones firmly in place.   


If you want to restore a natural-looking smile with ceramic crowns or bridges, get in touch with us today