Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening for pearly white teeth

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, because it is pain-free and has the power to knock years off your age. Whiter teeth can make you look more groomed and can do wonders for your confidence. At Church Road Dental Practice, we offer a range of teeth whitening programmes & treatments, all using materials and equipment that is up to date and proven to be safe.


Teeth whitening with trays


Our tray-based teeth whitening uses a peppermint-flavoured bleach gel to whiten your teeth using custom-made trays. You fill them with bleach and wear them at home, all under supervision of the dentist.


Apart from the confidence-boosting benefits mentioned above, tray-based whitening is the gentlest method for teeth whitening, so is suitable for almost everyone. It’s safe, effective and pain-free.


After taking an impression of your teeth, a set of custom trays is made for you. We’ll then supply you with the bleach, which you fill the trays with and wear these for only two hours a day at home. Results are already visible after the second application, but we’ll let you know how long you need to carry on the treatment.


If you’re looking for an easy way to brighten your smile get in touch about teeth whitening today!