Tooth-coloured fillings

Tooth coloured restorations that blend in with your smile.



As the name suggests, tooth-coloured fillings, or restorations, are the same colour of your teeth, so they blend in better than traditional ‘metal’ fillings. They are made of a composite material.


Just like traditional fillings, tooth-coloured restorations are used to restore minor cavities. Because of their aesthetic advantage, we’ll often use tooth-coloured restorations for teeth that are visible when you talk or smile, nearer to the front of your mouth.


We can place your restoration in just one appointment and the process usually involves a local anaesthetic. After administering this, we remove the decayed parts of your tooth, before inserting the composite filling into the cavity and hardening it with the use of a blue light.


  • Natural result
  • Great for front teeth
  • Only one appointment needed

If you’d like to replace an old metal filling, or want to restore your smile to a natural effect, just get in touch…