General dentistry

General dentistry for all the family

We’re not just about cosmetic dentistry. We take care of all your routine treatments too, because it’s our mission to make sure your mouth stays healthy and happy.

Routine check-ups

Seeing the dentist every six months or so is key to maintaining good oral health, because problems caught early on can often be treated much easier (and pain-free!) than those that are allowed to develop. During our routine check-ups, we’ll scan your mouth for any issues and come up with a personal treatment plan for any work that needs doing.


We perform the most up to date digital x-rays and will perform these as standard during your first visit.


For our fillings, we offer the traditional amalgam (metal) or gold fillings, tooth-coloured composite fillings, or the latest ceramic fillings. Each have different properties and uses and fall in different price brackets. We’ll always discuss every option with you to come to the best solution.


Nobody likes extractions, but the Church Road Dental team do love making you comfortable. We all share a common interest in relaxing anxious patients, so your extractions needn’t be feared!
Read more about how we treat nervous patients.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, or endodontics, deals with infections in the centre of the tooth. Here, soft tissue pulp is present in a system of root canals. This pulp (which provides nutrients) can get infected, due to tooth decay, leaking fillings or trauma to the tooth. To prevent bacteria passing down the root canal and causing discomfort, these bacteria can be removed, before the tooth is sealed with a crown or a filling. This process is called root canal treatment, or RCT.

At Church Road Dental Practice, we’re known for our excellent root canal service and regularly accept referrals from other dental practices.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our general dentistry services, or would like to know more about our payment plans, get in touch today!